We are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the game of boys & girls lacrosse and preparing girls and boys for the field of competition. We are about promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, positive coaching, and having fun, as well as advancing the sport

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June 10 round 2 playoff game

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Spring 2021!


Lacrosse takes you away.

Lacrosse is a game of giving.

It’s always giving you something.

Lacrosse gives you life.

Lacrosse gives you power.

Lacrosse gives you vision and awareness.

Lacrosse gives you insight.

You can see into the future.

Lacrosse gives you a strong mind, strong heart, strong body.

Lacrosse gives you medicine.

Lacrosse puts you on a good path.

Lacrosse is a connector.

It connects you to your spirit. It connects you to others. It connects you to the Earth.

It connects you to Sky World.

It connects you to the animals.

It connects you to your ancestors.

It connects you to everything that gave you your abilities you have now and have yet to find.

Lacrosse is a spiritual game.

Lacrosse is a teacher.

It turns fear into love.

Lacrosse is passed down

Pass, pass, shoot, score.

They bump hips. drop their sticks.  

Lacrosse lives in you.

Lacrosse lives on.

Get in the game!

Play free.

Create the universe.

Unleash yourself.

Play lacrosse.


We wish you and your family the best of health.


Oregon Lacrosse Board




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